Drawing Comics on iPad

I draw my comics on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I’m using the smaller 9.7 inch iPad. I debated which size to get, but chose the smaller version since it’s a bit more portable. I like that it’s easy to throw in my bag and go sketch at the bar or the coffee shop. I think the larger version would be much nicer for drawing though. Sometimes I still wish I had chosen the bigger size.

I have a few small gripes about the Apple Pencil. but overall I think it’s great. The feeling of the hard plastic tip on glass is not that pleasant (compared to the feel of drawing on paper), but you get used to it. I also find that the tip frequently comes loose while I’m drawing. I don’t know if it’s a common problem or just my specific unit, but I’ve gotten in the habit of just continually twisting it to make sure it’s tight. Even with those shorcomings, there’s no reason to even consider using a different stylus with iPad Pro.

I tried a lot of different drawing apps, and chose Procreate as my clear favorite. For drawing comics, I don’t think anything else on the iPad can even come close. It took me a while to get comfortable with the tools and get everything tuned to work with my drawing style, but now that I have it all set up I’m loving it.

I draw my comics 100% digitally, but it would be easy to import a scan of a sketch and finalize the drawing on the iPad as well. Once the comic is complete, I export a PNG of the finished artwork and assemble the PNGs for the front and back into a PDF file for printing. If I were drawing a webcomic I could just post that PNG online instead.

I plan to make some more detailed posts about specific techniques in the future, but that’s the general overview. If you have any questions about my process contact me and I’ll try to answer them here.