Working with Comic Grids in Procreate

One feature I would really love to have in Procreate is the ability to create some kind of grids.
But I’ve been able to work around the absence of that feature by importing grid images created externally.

I created my grids on my computer with Sketch, but you could easily use Illustrator or another graphics program instead.

I settled on a 6 panel (2×3) grid for my comic. I draw the panels in Sketch and then export a PNG image of the panels. The only trick here is that the PNG should be the exact same size as your Procreate document to make importing easier. If both are the same size then when you import the grid image it will align perfectly with your document, no resizing or repositioning necessary. This means you need to include the blank areas in the margins around your grids in the exported PNG.


Once I have the grid PNG, I AirDrop it over to the iPad, where it gets saved to my Photos app. From there I simply need to import it into my Procreate canvas.

I like to have my panel outlines hand-drawn. So I use the Sketch grid as a background guide and trace over them with Quick Lines in Procreate. This means I only need to create the one 6 panel grid and I can trace over it in different ways to create different panel layouts. If you want to have vector-drawn panels, then you’d need to export all the different panel variations you want to use as PNGs.


In addition to my 6 panel grid, I also created an image of line-rules to use as a lettering guide. I don’t use it a lot, but it comes in handy to keep all my lettering aligned and evenly sized.

To keep from having to go through the import process each time, I keep a template document in Procreate that is properly sized and has the grids already imported. When I want to start a new document I just duplicate the template and I have everything I need all ready to go.